Controlling Robots with the Look

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Scientists develop technology that makes it possible to control robots just by looking.

Controlling robots with the eye is already a possibility thanks to a technology developed by the Swiss multinational ABB and the Spanish company Irisbond, which opens up many possibilities for industrial and social applications linked to disability. This technology was developed under the Blind $ 4.0 program of the Basque government.

The presentation of this technology was based on a chess dispute between two women, one of them wheelchair and due to a great incapacity of movements was aided by a robot, to which it controlled only with the look.

The robot, placed in the middle of the table and endowed with two articulated arms similar visually to those of the precision surgical machines, thus moved several pieces and even ate the queen of its opponent.

The machine has in its memory the rules of chess that do not allow it to execute forbidden movements in the game, also controlled the actions of the person who had no incapacity, however this indicated his movements with the use of a mouse.

Once the game is over, the robot collects the pieces and positions them again in their corresponding starting box.

This technology is called “eye-tracking” and may allow a surgeon to consult with a patient’s historical look during an operation, or a driver picks up the phone from his or her car when receiving a call with only one eye movement.

The solution is now based on so-called “webtracker” software that enables the control of eye-moving computers monitored through a webcam and uses sophisticated algorithms based on face and vision positioning to allow users to interact with The robot and control it in a natural way.

This research opens a wide field of possibilities for new applications in industrial robotics, especially in “collaborative” robotics, including new labor integration options for people with disabilities.

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