Understand the new Whatsapp lock and learn some alternatives to the app

Recently the Brazilian court has decreed a new block to the message exchange application, WhatsApp. The request for blocking was carried out by the Sergipe State Court. The motivation for the blockade presented in the region of Lagarto was like a way of advancing in the investigations regarding the drug traffic in that city.

The competent authorities have requested the confidentiality of the application’s messages. However, those responsible for the application did not comply with the provisions of the law for such breach of confidentiality and this entailed the application of a precautionary measure of the Federal Police, which required the blocking of the application throughout the national territory, requesting such action from all operators.

Following a subpoena by a Sergipe judge, the operators were forced to block the application for 72 hours. This deadline was formulated by the delegate responsible for the case as a punitive measure for noncompliance with the court order and for investigations to take place normally.

The justifications and positioning of WhatsApp

WhatsApp leaders were deeply frustrated and dissatisfied with the move. Among several other reasons, the measure can cause losses of several orders for the company that manages the application.

WhatsApp, as it is known, was a company apart, which until now makes a growing and resounding success. For some time the company was acquired by Facebook, and was then linked to the Zuckerberg domains.

For WhatsApp managers, the move is unnecessary and they feel deeply disappointed with the move, since according to them it harms not only the company itself but the millions of users of the application.

According to them, the breach of confidentiality of the messages for those investigated in the trafficking of virtual private network. The VPN connects people to an outside network that has no restrictions. Experts, however, do not recommend this practice because such networks may be insecure.

There are some alternatives to WhatsApp, such as the Viber application and the well-known Telegram. Telegram has had a considerable demand, since it has the same WhatsApp functions and even some “extras” properties, making it inviting.

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