What is the best computer browser? Find out right now

The Internet is a consolidated reality and more and more it seeks to improve it in some way. Ella became essential to the activities of the modern world and many things would be unthinkable without her. A good internet surfing experience depends on knowing the best computer browser.

We’ve done an analysis of the top browsers and we’ll show you later.

Getting to know Internet browsers better

The browser is the program responsible for the Internet browsing experience itself. It is through him that we enter into this virtual universe and enjoy it. If a browser, it makes everything more agile, dynamic and fast, making things easier for us.

Let’s talk a little bit about the main browsers, helping you to choose the best.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a Microsoft browser that is already well known to Internet users. It has presented a considerable decline and is often deprecated in front of other browsers, but still has its qualities and there are things that it is still good and accomplish, in addition to having extensive compatibility.


Opera is a browser compatible with most other operating systems. Its great asset is to present intuitive images for each functionality, which greatly facilitates its operation, making it simple to handle. The look is also quite clean. The downside is the small icons it displays and the fact that it does not allow the opening of a new flap, using the old cascade format.


It is worth remembering that Safari is a browser used in Apple products and therefore runs better in native ecosystems. It is possible to download it for use on PCs that use Windows or Linux, but may not work as well as in the source ecosystem. It has a clean look with few buttons. It does not yet allow the use of add-on extensions.


Chrome is the darling of users. It has become the most used browser and this is no wonder. Its look is very clean, which also extends the navigation area and facilitates the use. It allows the use of extensions and add-on. Your search bar is quite large. The downside is that it does not have RSS detection and reading nor saving tabs.

Microsoft Edge

The icon strongly resembles that of Internet Explorer, but the look is quite different, since it is much cleaner and with few buttons. Unlike others, it is not a very intuitive browser, especially for those people who want to make modifications. Its menu is only textual and the options are shown in a very compact way, which makes handling difficult.

Enjoying a better browsing experience

In order for there to be good Internet browsing, several elements are needed to make it happen and remain functional. This covers not only hardware but also software. A good modem, a good router, and a good connection are essential, but the browser helps and much to further enhance this activity. That’s why a good browser makes a difference. Not only in speed, but ease of use.

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